Criminal Injuries Compensation Board: Are You Entitled to Compensation?

Criminal Injuries Compensation Board

The board’s primary function is to provide financial compensation for those who qualify under the Compensation for Victims of Crimes Act. Individuals who may be compensated under this legislation include victims of violent crimes and family members of deceased victims who died as a result of a violent crime.

What can you be compensated for?

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board will pay for: the treatment expenses, travel to treatment expenses, loss counselling expenses, loss of financial support for the dependents of a deceased victim and costs associated with supporting a child born as a result of rape.

How does the board evaluate cases? The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board evaluates cases based on evidence prior to commencing a hearing. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board also allows for written submissions if the victims’ application demonstrates adequate evidence for compensation. If the application displays a straight forward case and meets the required criteria for compensation, then an oral hearing can be avoided.

What evidence is required? The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board requires various pieces of evidence when making a decision including; original receipts and supporting documents of injury, a written statement from the police regarding the event, documents concerning the verdict of the criminal trial and reports from the victims treatment providers. Furthermore, electronic hearings are also permissible and usually encouraged if separation of parties is best.


The appeal process for the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board insists that the decision be made by two or more adjudicators in order for an appeal. The appeal can only be based on a point of law not the compensation sum. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board informs clients to pursue the appeal by following the procedures outlined in the Divisional Courts website.


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