Summary Conviction Offences and Charge Section of Criminal Code

Summary Conviction Offences and Charge Section of Criminal Code:


  1. Advising reward/immunity Section 143
  2. Assisting a deserter Section 54 & 56
  3. Being found at or being a landlord or tenant of a common bawdy-house Section 210
  4. Being found at or being a landlord or tenant of a common bawdy-house Section 210
  5. Causing disturbance, indecent exhibition, loitering, etc. Section 175
  6. Corrupting Morals Section 163 & 169
  7. Defacing current coins Section 456
  8. Disorderly conduct Section 173
  9. Disturbing religious worship or certain meetings Section 176 (2)
  10. Engaging in a prize fight Section 83
  11. Falsely claiming royal warrant Section 413
  12. Falsifying employment record (punching time clock etc.) Section 398
  13. Fraudulently obtaining food, beverage or accommodation Section 364
  14. Fraudulently obtaining transportation Section 393 (3)
  15. Giving trade stamps to a purchaser of goods Section 427 (2)
  16. Harassing telephone calls Section 372 (3)
  17. Immoral theatrical performance Section 167 & 169
  18. Impersonating a peace officer Section 130
  19. Impersonation at examination Section 404
  20. Indecent acts, public or private Section 173
  21. Indecent telephone calls Section 372 (2)
  22. Interfering with a marine signal Section 439
  23. Interfering with boundary lines Section 442
  24. Interfering with the saving of a wrecked vessel Section 438 (2)
  25. Issuing trade stamps Section 427 (1)
  26. Keeping a gaming or betting house Section 201
  27. Mailing obscene matter Section 168 & 169
  28. Manufacture or possession of slugs and tokens Section 454
  29. Manufacture, promotion, sale of likeness of currency (counterfeiting) Section 457
  30. Obtaining carriage by false billing Section 401
  31. Offensive volatile substance Section 178
  32. Possession of a weapon in public Section 89
  33. Pretending to practise witchcraft, sorcery, enchantment or conjuration, undertaking to tell fortunes Section 365
  34. Procuring or soliciting prostitution (accused stopping vehicles or pedestrians) Section 213
  35. Public exposure Section 173 (2)
  36. Public nudity Section 174
  37. Refusal to employ for reason of membership in union Section 425
  38. Taking a motor vehicle or vessel or found therein without consent Section 335
  39. Theft valued under $5,000 Section 322 & 334
  40. Tied Sale Section 165 & 169
  41. Transporting a person to a bawdy-house Section 211
  42. Trespassing at night Section 177
  43. Unauthorized use of a bodily substance Section 258.1
  44. Unlawful use of military uniforms or certificates Section 419
  45. Vagrancy Section 179


  1. Hey TSP, what does this mean to me? How would I use this if I were stuck in some sort of a legal situation? I have no knowledge of the legal world, so what sections are these referring to?

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    1. Great question E! I’m sure many others are wondering the same thing.

      The sections listed are found under the Criminal Code of Canada. Each section identifies where you could find the charge in the Criminal Code of Canada and provides an explanation of the charge under the act. The reason that this information is useful to you is because it allows you identify what exactly you have been charged with.

      If you were charged under any of the sections above, you could consult a paralegal for further information. The paralegal would then provide you with the necessary knowledge to proceed with the matter. If you feel the paralegal is a good fit, you may ask the paralegal to represent you in the criminal matter.

      I hope that helps 🙂 Please do ask more clarification if need be.


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