A Letter To TSP Followers: What To Expect in 2015

First of all, I’d like to take the time to thank all of the followers, commenters, and individuals who shared various TSP posts. I hope you will continue to support The Social Paralegal (TSP) the same way in the upcoming year. Your encouragement really does go a long way. Although some of us are knowledgeable about an issue there are many individuals who may not be and sharing posts helps address this disconnect.

Over the past month and half, The Social Paralegal focused on examining the intersection of criminal law and the role of paralegals within this area of law. Some of the areas focused on included: understanding the youth justice system, domestic violence, mental health and summary conviction offences. The aim was to dissect a diverse array of topics and address complex issues which may not be as easy to understand without a legal education.

The Social Paralegal had a featured guest, a student youth and child councillor, who examined the complexities of the how youth may enter the criminal justice system.  TSP then highlighted why the law treats young people differently than adult criminals. TSP also examined possible contributing factors and solutions to youth delinquency and looked at various youth crimes in the news.

TSP also analyzed domestic violence from the perspective of an officer. The aim was to prepare victims of domestic violence for what they may encounter when reporting their case to an officer and beginning a legal proceeding. I believe the more insight individuals have regarding navigating themselves in the legal realm, the better prepared they can be to ensure they get the best outcome for their case.

Moreover, The Social Paralegal touched on mental health and the stigma faced by many mentally ill individuals within the criminal justice system. The objective of these pieces was to educate and help readers understand the complexities of mental health.

In 2015, TSP will focus on identifying different areas of practice for paralegals and assisting you to understand how a paralegal can serve you. There will be multiple areas of law explored this upcoming year.

Be prepared with your questions, comments and shares because this year is about empowering you with legal knowledge.

Happy 2015!




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