Want to increase the rent? What form should you use N1, N2, N3 or N10?

 Do you have the right form? N1, N2, N3 or N10? Get your answers here.

  • N1   Notice of Rent Increase
  • N2   Notice of Rent Increase (Rental Unit Partially Exempt)
  • N3  Notice to Increase the Rent and/or Charges for Care Services and Meals
  • N10 Agreement to Increase the Rent Above the Guideline

Although rent increase may seem like a very simple procedure, having the correct form is crucial. If the wrong form is served then rent increase may become unlawful. If you are unsure as to which form you need to use, you can contact a paralegal for assistance. You may also contact the Landlord and Tenant Board for further information.  If you are unsure as to how you should fill out an application, a paralegal can assist you in filling out any forms and applications related to the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board.

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