Consumer Protection Act, 2002: Repairs to Motor Vehicles and Other Goods

Section 56 of the Consumer Protection Act, 2002 explains that the person repairer shall not charge for any work UNLESS they have given the consumer an estimate.  Repairers cannot charge for an estimate UNLESS you (the consumer) have agreed to the charge in advance.  The repairer does not have to give an estimate if:

1. The repairer offered an estimate and the consumer refused
2. Consumer allows for maximum amount the repairer can charge (ie. “I’m not paying you more than $500”)

Section 61 states that repairers must keep separate any parts that are replaced and those parts are to be produced to the consumer. This helps protect the consumer from being manipulated into paying for parts that were not actually replaced. 

Section 62– Invoices must be in a prescribed form (Ie. Account for parts, labour and taxes are separate)

Section 63– Every repair has a 90/5000km warranty

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