Snow snow won’t go away because my snow contractor didn’t show up today

Snowed in

Snowed in

Did your snow contractor not show up?  You aren’t alone.

Many individuals are beginning to turn to snow contractors to avoid having to shovel the snow themselves. However, because snow contractors are not provincially regulated, they are less reliable. Does that mean you’re helpless? Not necessarily.

Snow contractors can charge up to $600 upfront for snow removal services throughout the year with no guarantee that they will show up to do the job. It is important to protect yourself by ensuring you have a written contract with the snow contractor/ company. A written contract will allow you to take legal action and ask for a refund.

You should also ensure you are choosing a reliable service by checking the company’s online reviews and asking for their contact information, including their office location.  Word of mouth from family and friends is probably the most reliable option for most individuals. If your friends and family have used a particular service before and the company is reliable, that company might be your best bet to avoid having to shovel the snow yourself.

A key step you can take to address a no show snow contractor is to register a complaint with Consumer Protection Ontario. Upon notification Consumer Protection Ontario personnel can look into the issue on your behalf.  If you do not register a complaint, then Consumer Protection Ontario cannot learn of the issue.  You can also call the company and visit their office to discuss the issue.

If you do choose to proceed with legal action, a paralegal can assist you with your case.

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