Mississauga Marijuana

“Last week Mississauga City Council passed a bylaw that makes it the first municipality in Canada to give city officers powers to police private growers to some extent, a model that other GTA municipalities are considering replicating.” http://www.theglobeandmail.com/…/court-rul…/article23513590/

Mississauga has put in place a new bylaw to regulate the use of medical marijuana grow –ops. What does it include?

  • Individuals who operate medical-marijuana grows-ops are required to have a $250 licence
  • The licence has to be renewed annually at a fee of $200
  • The Mississauga fire department and electrical safety authority are included in the licensing process

According to the data collected from Health Canada dating back to March 2014, 6,077 persons were approved for licences to produce marijuana for themselves or for someone who needs it.

There are only two grow-ops in Mississauga – both are located in Mr. Kralik’s building.  If Mr. Kralik fails to abide by the bylaws and obtain a municipal licence, the grow-ops will be terminated.

The Debate in Vancouver, British Columbia

There is currently a federal case taking place in Vancouver to have marijuana grow-ops prohibited.

Many lawyers are arguing that legalizing marijuana grow-ups is problematic. Lawyers contend that grow-ops are a health, safety, fire and security issue for growers and their neighbours.  Many individuals have argued that the pungent smell of marijuana has seeped into their homes and their clothing. Parents are arguing that the smell has made its way into their children’s clothing which causes schools to complain to parents.

Business owners are complaining that grow-ops are bringing down their businesses and have been driven down because of the smell. Moreover, business owners are arguing that they are losing clients because of the smell. However, some business owners are okay with marijuana grow-ops in their building as long as there is adequate ventilation to reduce the smell.

Finally, the government is contending that the effectiveness of medical marijuana grow-ops is questionable and difficult to assess.

Conversely, patients are arguing that they cannot afford to buy marijuana in the market due to its expensive pricing. Others argue that they do not trust buying medical marijuana from other vendors; they want to control what they put in their bodies. Patients seem to be in consensus about the importance of being able to afford the marijuana they use and being in control of their health care.

Some individuals are arguing that the addition of the Mississauga bylaw is a result of the debate in Vancouver. Journalists have contended that Mississauga is implementing stricter rules for production of medical marijuana in order to regulate it and make sure that it is grown properly.

Will the bylaw make a significant impact in Mississauga?

In the grand scheme of costs, this bylaw barely makes a dent in the wallets of patients in contrast to the price they would pay for medical marijuana in the market.  This bylaw will also allow Mississauga to ensure that medical marijuana grow-ops are regulated closely and not being exploited for other uses. The logic behind this bylaw is to maintain a healthy balance between regulating the production of medical marijuana while ensuring patients get affordable medication they need.

Where do you stand? How do you feel about medical marijuana grow-ops?

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