Proposed Bill to Toughen Driving Penalties – Bill 31, Making Ontario’s Roads Safer Act

If passed, Bill 31, Making Ontario’s Roads Safer Act legislation would make amendments to the Highway Traffic Act including:

  • Increasing fines for distracted driving from its current range of $60 to $500 to a range of $300 to $1,000, assigning three demerit points upon conviction, and adding distracted driving to the existing list of novice driver conditions.
  • Applying current alcohol impaired sanctions to drivers who are drug impaired.
  • Introducing additional measures to address repeat offenders of alcohol impaired driving.
  • Requiring drivers to wait until a pedestrian has completely crossed the road before proceeding at school crossings and pedestrian crossovers.
  • Increasing fines and demerits for drivers who door cyclists, and requiring all drivers to maintain a distance of one metre when passing cyclists, where practicable.
  • Helping municipalities collect unpaid fines by expanding licence plate denial for drivers who do not pay Provincial Offences Act fines.

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  1. I was aware of some adjustments being made to distracted driving penalties and such, but this is a much more extensive list. Thank you for sharing; this is something that affects all local drivers! The point about the pedestrian was definitely new information for me, as I always try to squeeze through once the pedestrians are well away from my side of the intersection. I will try to be more cautious and well, patient, now.

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    1. Bill 31 hasn’t been passed yet but it is in its second reading in the House of Commons. I can see the bill passing we just have to wait until the final decision is made. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. I appreciate you taking the time to do so. Please continue to leave comments as it is much appreciated! Have a wonderful day!


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