Cellphone Plan Updates

In today’s day and age everyone relies on their cellphone to stay connected with the world. The CTRC is working towards making it fairer for customers.  The CRTC is looking to balance the playing ground for consumers by protecting their rights and providing them with more options.

What does this mean for you?

  1. The CRTC has implemented a new program that allows individuals in three year contracts to opt-out of their plan after two years without a penalty.
  2. If you are on a two year plan and would like to opt-out of your plan, you can still walk away but must pay a “reasonable” fee. Although the penalties may vary the CRTC has limited how much wireless providers can charge.
  3. Cellphone carriers are now offering discounted services and more affordable introductory plans to attract more consumers and to avoid losing consumers that were bound to their three year plan.
  4. Consumers can also return their cellphone within 15 days with limited usage, if they are unhappy with the service, without penalty if they are unsatisfied with the service.
  5. Canadians can now get their cellphones unlocked after 90 days or on the spot if they have paid for the device in full.
  6. Contracts must be written in plain English to ensure that consumers understand what they are signing up for. It must also outline when and why you may be charged extra.
  7. Your data overage charges are now limited to a maximum of $50.
  8. Your data roaming charges cannot exceed $100 a month.
  9. You will not pay extra costs for services labelled “unlimited”.
  10. As a consumer you are also entitled to receive a Critical Information Summary that explains your contract in less than two pages.

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