If You Knew..

awarenessThe Social Paralegal has taken on another project to help address the prevelant issue of domestic violence. Many individuals are unaware that domestic violence includes:

1. Physical Abuse
2. Verbal Abuse
3. Sexual Abuse
4. Financial Abuse
5. Spiritual Abuse
6. Stalking and
7. Harassment

If 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men are impacted by domestic violence in Canada, then why is it so difficult for us to discuss it? Victims often fear judgement, shame and stigma. Consequently, victims choose to remain silent which in return allows the violence to continue. Victims discourage themselves from sharing their situations with comments such as “people won’t understand” but what if victims and survivors could help others understand?


1. This website allows victims and survivors of domestic violence to voice what they wish others knew about them and their situations. Topics ranging from insensitive comments to empowerment are addressed and discussed to raise awareness and encourage self-education.

2. It also allows others to pose questions for victims and survivors of domestic violence to answer.

Every participant remains anonymous. Participants can create alias usernames on WordPress to conceal their identity.

Do you want to learn more about dometic violence? Are you interested in doing your part to make a positive difference from the comfort of your home?

Do you want to help others understand your experiences as a victim or survivor of domestic violence?

Do you want to better understand what domestic violence victims live with?

Then this website is for you.


Make sure you subscribe.

I hope TSP followers will show just as much support and love for If You Knew as they have for TSP.

Thank you in advance!



  1. Thank you for doing this post. There are many people who suffer from domestic violence who’s voice is not heard. There are many people who suffer from domestic violence who are too scared to say anything. A couple of years ago one of my friends parents got divorced due to her father being abusive. I had no idea that this was going on! It shocked me, as well as everyone else. Domestic violence victims have a voice that needs to be heard. I hope your post inspires them to speak out and escape from a situation.

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