Canadian Reality vs. American Dramas

How similar are Canadian and American laws? You might be surprised by the answer.

The Social Paralegal

Who doesn’t love a good legal drama? Most of us have at least one legal show we love to watch, may it be Suits, The Good Wife, Scandal, Law and Order or some other show. However, as Canadians we often forget that these shows are American based; hence they do not reflect the Canadian legal system.  Here are some key conflicting facts in the American and Canadian legal system.

1. When being arrested, Canadian’s do not have “Miranda rights” – we are read our Charter rights. This is a common misconception among Canadians.  Violation of Miranda rights is a reoccurring theme in American television series and I believe many Canadians just picked up the terms without evaluating their applicability to Canadian law. So if you tell an officer they have to read you your Miranda rights while being arrested and they say they don’t, they aren’t lying.

2. Canadians…

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