Hi, I’m a Paralegal but I’m not Rachel Zane –

Are you a Suits fan? This post is for you!

The Social Paralegal

I’m sure many female paralegals can relate, when I tell someone I’m a paralegal the first thing out of someone’s mouth is “Oh so you’re Rachel Zane”.  For those of you who are scratching your head wondering who Rachel Zane is, she’s a character on the famous American based television series Suits.

Although there are many similarities between Rachel Zane the paralegal and paralegals that work in law firms the tracks begin to divide when we discuss fully licensed paralegals with their own practices and this is why.

1. Fully licensed paralegals can have their own practice. Paralegals have a permitted scope of practice that allows them to sustain their own practice. Along with this privilege, paralegals are required to fulfil continuing professional development hours (CPD) and substantive hours on an annual basis. CPD and substantive hours are used to keep legal professionals up to date with the law and…

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