Just Call Me Rachel Zane

How realistic of a paralegal is Rachel Zane? Find out!

The Social Paralegal

What do Rachel Zane and Canadian Paralegals have in common?

Recently I wrote a piece on how Canadian paralegals with their own practices differ from Rachel Zane (a paralegal in the U.S legal drama Suits).  Although there are many differences between Canadian and American paralegals, there are some similarities. Although law firms have different responsibilities for their legal personnel, these are some general points regarding what paralegal work entails in Canada.

1. Paralegals are responsible for a significant amount, if not all, legal research involved in a case.  Paralegals are responsible for finding precedent cases that can help support a lawyer’s argument in court. Legal research can take hours and even days depending on the type of case. So when you see Rachel spending late nights in the office researching and reading through cases, paralegals actually do that.

2. Paralegals read, summarize and prepare legal briefs. Paralegals often have…

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