Will You Be My Valentine? Could You Also Wire Me Money While You’re At It?

Are you in an online relationship? Here are some legal factors to consider.

The Social Paralegal

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many singles are looking for love. As a result of our busy schedules and lack of time to go out and to meet people, many are turning to dating websites and social media.  However, it is important to beware of the risks of online dating and avoiding scams.

What are some signs of a scam?

  • The person makes excuses for not sending pictures of him/herself
  • He/she regularly cancels right before you’re supposed to meet up
  • He/she asks for money, cash or cheques
  • Although you’ve never met, the person claims to have fallen in love with you over a short period of time (ie two weeks)
  • The person may even send you small gifts to earn your trust
  • He/she asks you to perform suggestive acts on webcam or send provocative photos (this can later be used to blackmail you and ask for money)

These scams…

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