Skip Class, Go To Jail

How many of you used to skip classes in high school? Many individuals have skipped a class for a variety of reasons including: studying for a test later in the day, to avoid a boring lessschoolon, or to have some fun with our friends. Youth infer the consequences of skipping may entail detention but however, rarely do they consider imprisonment as a consequence of their actions.

A sixteen-year-old girl in Barrie, Ontario was arrested for persistently skipping classes. The teen also failed to appear for her scheduled court dates; consequently, she was arrested. The teen was detained in a prison cell overnight and brought for the judge the following day for her scheduled court date. The arrest warrant was issued in accordance to the Ontario Education Act which states that students between six and 18 years old must attend school in Ontario.

Many individuals are unfamiliar with the Ontario Education Act and the legalities surrounding the legislation. The Ontario Education Act is within the paralegal scope of practice, which means paralegals can defend clients and argue cases before various Boards of Education.

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Points of Discussion:

1. How are school absences addressed in your country?


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