Karla Homolka: “A free person”

Homolka and Bernardo murdered two teenage girls; Leslie Mahaffy, 14 and Kristen French, 15. Homolka’s younger sister Tammy was also drugged by Homolka and sexually assaulted by Bernardo before she died.


Kristen French


Bernardo spent 25 years in prison without parole. Bernardo and Homolka were charged in 1993 and convicted in 1995. Karla Homolka was convicted of manslaughter after agreeing to testify against Paul Bernardo to lessen her sentence. Following the appeal, it came to the prosecutor’s attention that Homolka had played a critical role in the abductions and murders of the victims; however, Homolka had taken the plea and could not legally be tried for the same case twice. In 2005, Homolka was released from jail and became a “free person”.


Since this time, Homolka has re-married, changed her name and has three children. She has been living in Châteauguay, Montreal, for approximately two years with her family; this revelation has left the community enraged.

untitledSome individuals feel that Homolka does not deserve to live in society with others due to her criminal past and heinous crimes. Many of her neighbors expressed outrage and fear, they stated their lack of knowledge about her identity and felt deceived. Parents have expressed concern for their children due to the fact that Homolka’s children attend the same school and Homolka may be around their children. Furthermore, many individuals expressed their sympathy and empathy for the victims’ families that have to live with the fact that Homolka is free, living her life while their children are not because of her crimes.

On the other hand, rehabilitants suggest that Homolka has served her time and should be free to live her life. These individuals argue that Homolka was rehabilitated during her time in prison and is now a different person. Moreover, Homolka has not committed crimes since her release and should not persecuted for her past.

What are your thoughts?

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Points of Discussion:
1. Do you believe rehabilitation is effective?
2. Should Homolka have a second chance at life?
3. Is Homolka truly a “free person”?


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