Should Facebook Pictures Be Used As Evidence?

Should Facebook pictures be used as evidence? What are your thoughts?

The Social Paralegal

When involved in a motor vehicle accident many individuals claim to be depressed and injured. How do you assess how depressed someone truly is? Is Facebook an appropriate measure?

A recent debate has stirred regarding the use of Facebook and social media images as evidence in court.  Some legal practitioners have turned to social media to establish that the plaintiff is not in fact depressed. Legal practitioners are using the plaintiff’s Facebook pictures and status updates to establish the plaintiffs’ healthy and active social life. For example,  if a person is claiming to be depressed and to have lost interest in spending time with their friends due to their chronic pain but then posts pictures of their white water rafting trip with their pals – there’s a bit of discrepancy in their story. Some courts will take this into consideration while others won’t. What’s the reason for the inconsistency?


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