Your Instagram Pictures Can Sell For $90 000 And You Won’t Get A Penny

1. Should Instragram pictures be subject to copyright laws?
2. Do you believe Instagram pictures should be open for followers to re-post? Share your thoughts below.

The Social Paralegal

Instagram has become the most convenient way to capture our precious and random life moments with minimal effort.  It has become second nature to take pictures at events and to Instagram them without a second thought.  However, there are many issues that can arise from having an open Instagram account.

Richard Prince is an artist although some argue he’s an exploiter; Prince has taken pictures from Instagram accounts and sold them for $90 000. How can he do this? Isn’t this copyright infringement? You will be surprised to learn it’s not copyright infringement because he makes minor changes to the pictures therefore creating a new product. He has been selling his art in a New York art gallery known as Gagosian Gallery .

The photos were taken from open Instagram accounts and the owners of these pictures were not informed.  A woman from Toronto, Anna Collins learnt that her picture…

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