Sales of Goods Act

With Black Friday and Christmas around the corner – these are some good tips to keep in mind!

The Social Paralegal

Contracts are an essential part of our everyday lives.  In fact, we often enter contracts mindlessly and do not register that we entering into an agreement for instance, when we pay for our groceries. There are various acts that outline contractual agreements in various scenarios.  This post will outline some of the essential aspects of the Sales of Goods Act.

My objective is to inform individuals of their rights as means to better protect their interests. The Sales of Goods Act applies to cases involving a contract for the sale of goods of a value that exceeds $40.00. In order for the contract to be enforceable, it must be writingunless:
1. The buyer accepts all/some/part of the goods. If the buyer accepts part of the goods it makes the contract binding as part of the exchange has been completed.

2. The buyer gives something in “earnest” to bind…

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